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Why am I receiving now less (or more) coins than previous days?

There are many factors to consider when calculating the current / previous mining profitability, normally with traditional pools you would consider:

Mining difficulty

Mining difficulty affects the amount of coins you get with the same hash rate through time, it is much more noticeable when a lot of miners join the mining network in a brief period of time, like days or weeks (in our case, ETH, ETC, XMR or RVN mining networks).

Mining fixed rewards (block rewards)

All of the mineable coins have a fixed block reward, which are the generated coins per block, this can be different between coins and it is distributed proportionally to every miner's mining performance (calculated hash rate). This can affect profitability if it is ever changed, but rewards are not affected if more miners join the pool, because more hash rate translates into more blocks being rewarded.

Mining fee rewards (additional to block rewards)

From all of the possible reasons above this is the one that can affect profitability the most, specially in mining networks like ETH (our Ethash pool), because in some cases the network gets so congested that ETH users can end up paying from 3 to 4 times more rewards to miners than normally, to get theit transactions processed more quickly.

But just like sometimes it gets higher, it can also go back to normal or even get lower if the network is very "light", you can always get an idea of what to expect by looking at the next information:

Mined coin price

Another factor that can affect profitability is the actual mineable coin price, note that we use the following mining networks for each of our supported algorithms:

  • ETH (Ethereum) for our Ethash pool
  • ETC (Ethereum Classic) for our Etchash pool
  • XMR (Monero) for our RandomX pool
  • RVN (Ravencoin) for our KawPow pool 

More on how our pool works right here.

And each of the mineable coins price affects profitability.

Apart from that, in the case of our pools you need to consider another factor, as everything is processed by running an underlying exchanging process, profitability is also affected by the final coin price, and how it changes during the day. You can check how we get exchange rates here.

For example, let's say you are mining ADA (Cardano) by joining our Ethash pool, on each reward you will be getting (RA, rewarded amount):

(RA) = (Block rewards + Current Fee rewards) * Your reward share (your percentage of participation in the pool, based in your calculated hr)

Your rewarded amount (RA) is ETH at this point, but in order to get ADA it must be exchanged to ADA, it will run the next conversion:

Your RA (ETH) → BTC → ADA

This happens on ever reward you get, so you have to consider how the exchange rate from ETH to ADA changes during the day, because it can be very high at some point, or drop very low if the market is very volatile.