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What is "calculated hash rate"?

Calculated hash rate (CHR) is a value calculated at the pool side, this should not be confused with the "Reported hash rate" which is the value that your mining software / app shows locally.

The reported hash rate (RHR) is calculated locally, it cannot be considered by our pool as a critical stat because for the pool it can be any number sent by the local miner. For example, one miner could modify the code of the mining software they are using to submit a much higher RHR, in order to get more rewards. There are even cases when RHR isn't even sent to the pool, because it isn't supported or not implemented by the mining software / app.

That's why the calculated hash rate (CHR) it's so important for the pool, because it represents the real performance of your worker and is used for crediting rewards, there are many factors that affect how high or low this number can be:

  • Your valid / invalid / stale shares over time.
  • Your network conditions (disconnections or downtime impact negatively)
  • You network latency, which can translate into stale shares
  • You PC load, which can cause instability that can cause invalid / incorrect shares
  • An invalid / incompatible mining software / algorithm, which will cause all shares to be invalid (0 CHR).
  • A Firewall blocking outbound / inbound connections that prevents your mining app to submit / respond to the pooll correctly.
  • An antivirus constantly blocking / removing your mining process.

CHR usually stays around 5% + or - than your RHR, also, CHR starts from 0, it will raise over time (some hours). 

Be sure to check all posibilities and your current valid / invalid shares at miner side, to identify any possible issue.