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TRON Mining: What are the SR (Super Representative) rewards?

Our TRON SR rewards model have been updated, it used to be: 90% for voters (based on their % from the total votes) and 5% for all online miners mining TRON, it is now 100% for all voters and the distribution is now on every voting cycle (must be manually withdrawn every 24 hours).  

As you may know, the TRON public chain currently adopts DPOS as the consensus algorithm, and it has two main roles: Super Representative (SR) and Super Representative Partners(SRP), both participate in the on-chain governance. An SR / SRP can initiate votings for specific proposals, and other SRs/ SRPs can give their opinions to the proposals through voting, which ensures the blockchain governance is entirely decentralized. 

SRs and SR partners gain awards based on the votes they get, and at the same time, voters can earn stake reward for voting SRs and SRPs. The amount of incentive is transparent, and the distribution process is entirely decentralized.

More information about the TRON consensus model and SR / SRP participation can be found here. You can also read more about the details on how rewards are calculated and distributed over here.

Our official TRON SRP is called TRON-MINING, TRON was our very first supported coin, you can check the address over here. We now distribute 100% of voting rewards to all voters. We have removed the 5% of total rewards distribution for online TRON miners at this time.


Any voter can now claim their voting rewards through their wallet of choice or via tronscan.org. Voting rewards are automatically distributed on every voting cycle (every 6 hours), and can be manually claimed every 24 hours.

How to vote and claim your voting rewards

In order to be eligible for voting rewards you first have to vote for our official SRP and wait until the next voting count cycle (every 6 hours).

Every wallet has a different method for voting / manually claiming voting rewards, here are two examples with very detailed tutorials:

Finally note that it isn't required to claim exactly every 24 hours, you can do it weekly or at any time frame that you would like 😃 rewards will remain there until claimed.