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My payout is failing because of an "Invalid address" error

If you are receiving an "Invalid address" error when trying to process your payment, be sure to double check all of your workers and fix the error, specially if you previously received payments without issues.

We validate each address when a worker connects to our pool, however our validation is at a format level, but there can be false positives, specially for coins that have case sensitive addresses, like DOGE.

If the typo is a capitalization error 

It can be easily fixed by updating the faulty worker with the correct capitalization (address) and reconnect, the correct address will overwrite the wrong one and you will be able to process your payout! This self fix can only be done if the address have the same characters and length and it is just a capitalization error.

If the typo is a missing / extra character

You will need to contact us via email to get it fixed! as it is just a missing or extra character that must be corrected, we will have to fix it on our end. If you try to fix it by adding or removing the character you will end up with 0 balance, because we associate the balance to your address, changing just a letter makes it a completely different address!

Also, remember that we are unable to process wallet changes (to a completely different address) because of security reasons, you can read more about it here.