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How do you allow non-mineable coins to be mineable?

We wanted to build an easy way for former miners to start earning their favorite crypto coins, but also provide an easy way for new users to join the world of mining!

That's why we developed an innovative real time exchanging process, based in actual mineable coins:

  • ETH (Ethereum) for our Ethash pool
  • ETC (Ethereum Classic) for our Etchash pool
  • XMR (Monero) for our RandomX pool
  • RVN (Ravencoin) for our KawPow pool

The underlying exchanging process runs in the background, converting an actual mineable coin reward to the coin you choose. 

The conversion is processed on each reward, so you can think of it like an almost real time exchange, to make it more like if you were actually mining the non mineable coin.

There are no exchange fees transferred to the miner, any possible external fees are already counted inside our 1% platform fee. There are also no payout / withdrawal fee.