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Can I change my address after I started mining?

Note that we are unable to process address changes after you started mining because of security reasons and to protect the funds and integrity of our users. 

As all information in our pool is public, any bad actor can deliberately claim ownership over any address and there is no way for us to be completely confident about the claim to proceed with the request. Doing so can cause the actual miner to loss their funds. We also don't keep any personal information to associate a miner to an address, so there is no reliable way for us to fully validate ownership of an address, specially in cases where a user mentions to have lost access to his wallet.

That's why is so important to validate your address before starting mining, also always use well known / popular wallet providers, or a paper wallet, to always be in control of your funds. Remember that we do not give addresses for mining, every miner must use their own wallet / address to get started.

The only exception are cases when a massive hack event have taken place, like an exchange being hacked or a multi wallet provider being hacked. Even for that cases we need proof that the address in question was part of the hack.

Similar non allowed requests are:

  • Transfer of mined funds to a different address (same as address change)
  • Swapping funds to another coin (it requires an address / coin change)